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A major ayllu with roots in the Aymara confederations of Qharaqhara and Killakasasanaqi. Historically it was an ecclesiastical dependency of the people of Viceroy Toledo's strategy of reduction and main town of the doctrine of Condo Condo. Today it is located in the province of Avaroa in the department of Oruro in Bolivia, and is the indigenous municipal district of the township of Challapata and part of the indigenous territory or of the regional branch of Conamaq known as Jakisa (Jatun Killakas Asanaque).

Ayllu mayor con raíces en las confederaciones aymaras de Qharaqhara y Killakas asanaqi. Históricamente fue un anexo eclesiástico del pueblo de reducción toledana y cabeza de doctrina de Condo Condo. Actualmente ubicada en la provincia Avaroa, del departamento de Oruro en Bolivia, es distrito municipal indígena del municipio de Challapata, y parte del territorio o región indígena del sucursal regional de Conamaq llamado Jakisa (Jatun Killakas Asanaque).


  • Qaqachaka