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fragmento de tela para la cabeza
Piece or incomplete part of a head cloth.
fragmento de tira de bolsa
Piece or incomplete part of a bag strap.
fragmento de unco
Piece or incomplete part of a tunic.
fragmento desconocido
Piece or incomplete part of a textile product that is difficult to identify by the sole presence of a part or without the presence of additional references or information.
Item of bed clothing, woven on a loom, and elaborated out of two pieces joined by a central seam; used to cover the body after going to bed.
fuente de la información
A responsible source from which requested information is emitted or transmitted, for example, the source of oral information that refers to the origin of antecedents (information) that can be attributed to a person or group of people who responsibly and without previous registration of said antecedents by media (or ephemeral recording) are able to realise a version of the totality of part of a demonstration and its meaning.
fuente de presión
Situation, element or external process that, acting by itself or in conjunction with other situations, elements or processes produces a change or alteration. Sources of pressure or stress can be of natural or human origin.
fundación con programa textil
Institution that carries textile programmes forward, for example in the case of Bolivia, the Asur organisation in Sucre.
fundación textil
Organisational form for the textile production or commercialisation, made up of the members of private institutional form, often aimed at commercial profit.