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sombrero de fieltro de lana de oveja
Hat made out of felt from sheep's wool, with a more or less tall crown which has ribbons wrapped round it, generally in black and white, at first with a narrow brim, but now with a wider brim to protect the wearer from the sun.
Small bag made out of the hide or heart of animals, used to carry coca leaves and a type of herb (akhana or pupusa) that was used as a lye.
Fine and open woven cloth characterised by total reflection symmetries, made on a frame of two cross poles at each end without a loom, by manipulating the warp threads with techniques of interlacing, oblique interlacing and oblique plying in reflection, without recourse to the use of a weft.
sujetador del vellón
Spinning instrument in the form of a 'Y' used to wrap and accumulate the tufts of wool into loose hanks as it is spun.
Breed of alpaca that now makes up only 10% of the herds in the Andes and which has long straight hair that falls down each side of the animal. Its fibre is often compared to that of the Lincoln sheep.